Some Records Of Sachin That Are Next To Impossible For Kohli & Others To Break

Virat Kohli lo prime lo unnappudu, I thought he is going to break the great Sachin Tendulkar’s records, not only me andaru ilane anukoni untaru. Definitely, Kohli is going break Sachin’s records ani, seeing Virat’s present form, it’s difficult for him to surpass Sachin Tendulkar’s records. So, Kohli ke impossible idi, inka evaru kottagalaru Sachind records ni, it’s impossible. Simple ga cheppali ante, Sachin Tendulkar records ni kottevaadu evadaina unte ‘Lifetime Settlement Raa’

Today, we are going to present some great unbreakable records of the Cricket God Sachin Tendulkar.

1. 18,426 runs in ODIs in 463 matches

2. 15,921 runs in Test cricket

3. 51 centuries in 200 Test matches. 49 centuries in ODIs.

4. A total of 34,357 runs in his international career.

5. Sachin Tendulkar is the only cricketer to have played in 200 Test matches.

6. Sachin played 463 ODI matches, which is the highest ever by a cricketer.

7. Sachin won 62 Man of the Match awards in ODI cricket, which is the most by any player.

8. Most no: of Fours in international cricket – 4076+

9. Most Man of the Series awards – 15

10. Most number of runs in World Cups – 2278

Inka ila chala ante chala records unnai. So, Sachin records ni kotte chance ye ledu. Ee bhoomi unnantha kaalam, ee cricket unnantha kaalam, Sachin records can’t be broken.

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