7 Songs that will make for a perfect college life journey


Music is the lyrical version of the situations most of us face in some or other phase of our College life. These songs need to be played at the right time and their meaning is understood which most of the time we fail to pay heed to. Ever wondered what you are background music would be? Do you imagine a particular song playing when you shall live that moment? If yes, then this is the right article you stumbled upon. We give you few songs that will perfectly suit certain iconic situations that we inevitably go through in life. So, here are Tollywood songs that will perfectly describe the situations in college:

1.The first day of college life

The newfound freedom, new friends, new memories, a new you. College style from the iconic Prema Desam movie is the perfect song for the fresh start.

2.The bond called friendship

The emotion that is one of the strongest assets of a person, at any stage of life. The short trips, bunking classes, late night parties, the firsts with your squad and most importantly making memories that can last a lifetime. The perfect song for this situation would be nothing but O my friend from the evergreen Happy Days.

3.The Unrequited love

A college is a place where hearts connect along with people. You find someone special or crush on the popular guy/girl everyone is attracted to. Atu Itu ooguthu from Life is Beautiful perfectly puts down such a situation lyrically.

4.The first love

The first love or any love for that matter. A lot of songs portray this situation but one song that stands out is Nijanga Nenena from Kotha Bangaru Lokam.

5.The most hated, exams

One of the most hated time of college life. We crib about it but also survive through it. The late-night sessions, group studies leave us with only one option but to mug up everything and if there is something you don’t know, what are song lyrics there for, right? Botany Patamundi from Shiva suits up like no other.

6.The last days 

Like everything that comes to the end so does the college life. This stage gets back all the college memories. So, this song should be nothing less than an emotional flashback. Happy days title track is the best suited for this change.