7 Soulful Songs That MUST Make your Playlist Today!


By Aliza Virane

A long tiring exhaustive day at work!!

Just need to hear a soulful song to summon peaceful and melodic dreams?

Is Music Life and Soul?

Is Bollywood Music your thing?

If the answer to all the above questions is YES (or even No), you are just on the right page!

Wirally brings to you its sorted list of ‘Must Have Songs’ just to summon peace and melody for a while before you get back to a hectic today and tomorrow.

Atif Aslam Old Songs Unplugged


Atif’s Live performance of these old songs is nothing less than a journey back to old times and his voice just adds the tinge. So meaningful, so lovely, so something you should have on your list!

Arijit Singh GIMA 2016


We have all heard about Arijit’s Soulful performance at the GIMA 2016 and trust me, this is not a ‘just hyped about’ medley. Arijit has put heart, soul and his deep voice to add all the perfect ingredients to this even more perfect mix. With this I am also assuming that you have checked Arijit’s 6th Mirchi Music Awards performance.

Jag Ghoomeya

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan Version

Salman Khan Version

This meaningful piece of art has its true life in its Lyrics. Beautifully sculpted by both Rahat Fateh Ali Khan Sahab and our very own Salman Bhaijaan if this song does not make it to your play list, I don’t know which song does.

Ikk Kudi – Reprised Version

Reprised Version

Club Version

This soulful track from our Survivor Film Udta Punjab with its serenity and innocence will clear a boggled mind. Also, when your mood is just a few notches higher, you can catch its club version. This is called, Ek Teer Se Do Nishaan!


This Baajirao Mastani track is a beautiful amalgamation of what true love actually is and feels like. Indian Beats added to its refined tunes just make this track so appealing to the ear, that all you want to do is fall in Love. This is something you would surely not want to miss out on.

Have these on your list? Oh you don’t? Just download them or take them offline.

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