6 Cities In South India Which Are A Paradise For Food Lovers

India is a land of many different cuisines and culture, and almost every state and city has its cuisine, and its unique spin on the dishes, this is especially the case with South India, if you are someone who loves food, and love exploring food from different places and regions, then you are in for a treat, we have made a list of some of the best food cities in South India, that you must visit.


ThalliYou’ll find the most authentic South Indian food in the City of Chennai. crunchy murukkus, mohinga, and kothuparotta are quite popular in this city. Chennai is a traditional place and the food you get here is also the same. You can visit Marina Beach in the evening to enjoy several seafood dishes like fried fishes and roasted prawns.


RotiThis beautiful city in the south of India is also known as Scotland of India, this is because of its ravishing beauty and rich culture, Coorg is the home of authentic Kodava cuisine, the city also has a unique range of cuisines and is best known for its street food. This Hill station is a great place to travel solo or with your friends, make sure that you try out the rice ball or Bamboo Shoot Curry, the place also has some unique dishes, like the noolputtu, which is a breakfast dish, the place is also famous for Non-vegetarian preparations of pork, meat and fish, Coorg also serves Indian, Chinese, Continental and Tibetan cuisines.


BiryaniEveryone knows that Hyderabadi Biryani is the best Biryani in the country, but not only biryani but the city is also famous for other things too. You cannot miss the Haleem, and different varieties of Seekh Kebabs. You can visit the Karachi Bakery for some amazing biscuits. Chutneys is a very popular restaurant where you get authentic south Indian food.


MysoreEven though Mysore is mostly famous for Mysore Pak, there are other amazing dishes that you should try like the mouth-watering Dosa, Gobi Manchurian and Fried Chicken which is one of the best. The streets of Mysore are filled with stalls offering fresh juice and pineapple masala. The Egg fried rice found near Vrindavan Gardens is a famous dish here.


BangloreBangalore has some of the most innovative restaurants in the country, the city is also known as the unofficial beer capital of India. Bangalore food consists of both old and new, it has the perfect blend of modernity and tradition and has plenty of options on offer, this has helped Bangalore to sour through the ranks and become one of the best food cities in the country, the Karnataka’s capital has evolved into a paradise for food lovers, whether you are looking for exciting street food looking to dine in some of the best restaurants, Bangalore has it all, and is a city you should add to your checklist.


RotiMangalore is a food paradise for both Vegetarians and Non-vegetarians; it is an extremely popular city for its food, because of its variety of dishes and restaurants, You get some of the best seafood here, but the city also has dishes from several cuisines, Whether it’s the chicken ghee roast from the Tulu community, or the vegetarian fare of the Konkani Mangaloreans, or the sorpotel of the Christians, there’s plenty of food options for everyone.


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