9 Times When Srikanth Made His Presence Felt In Multi-Starrers


Why are we talking about Srikanth?

An industry comprises all kinds of stars. While the biggies hog the limelight, the second tier of actor have lesser following but are a major relief to the producers. Infact they churn out more number of movies than the biggies. While the biggies need to concentrate on handling various pressures, the tier two actors needn’t worry about any such pressures and can explore their work without boundaries. The only sad part comes after these experiments. They barely get noticed. Even if you commend them, it is just for that one hour after the movie.

Sadly the much talented Srikanth falls in this category. But, he has never let his spirit down. He knows his importance and his place in the industry. He is the industry’s primary resort to approach for any multi-starrer movies. Srikanth is a self made actor. He is an actor who climbed the success ladder without any family background. He might have done some unconvincing movies, but that doesn’t erase the fact that he is one of the finest actors Telugu cinema has. Every movie counted for him and has made him what he is today. He is probably the only actor to have acted with all the biggies and is continuing to do so.

Here check out when Srikanth multi-starred with the biggies


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