SRK’s Inspirational Talk at Yale University

Shah Rukh Khan, superstar, actor and friend of Kkkkkk Karan Johar, is an inspiration to millions of actors in the country.

Without a godfather, or any sort of backing, Shah Rukh Khan struggled in theatre circles, acted in plays, did TV, and only then broke into the film scene. Even in films, he wasn’t given a big-budget debut by a benevolent dad, instead he began in villainous roles, slowly graduating to the hero that he is today.

So when Shah Rukh Khan landed at Yale University to address the students about life, it was quite the event!

Watch the video as SRK uses his trademark self-deprecating humour and wit to confer gems of wisdom to the doting audience.

(Caution: Long clip, and might take you back to your 90s infatuation with SRK)


(Feature Image: YouTube)

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