Star Boyz Featuring Kenny Sebastian Is Outrageously And Outworldly Hilarious..!!

Kenny Sebastian, India’s premiere Stand up comic is here again, taking a huge spoof on Star Wars, what with a space expedition for a pack of smokes. As a group of space explorers, headed by Captain Kenny and commanders Naveen and Mani, venture into the farthest corners of our universe in search of life systems ( ermm, a few last drags here and there ), they face the ultimate challenge ever faced by humanity. To face off against chaat space ship to reach their ultimate goal. Also featuring Rajinikanth and Kamal Hassan in life altering appearances, the boys take the shot. In what can only be termed as Food exploration and a Platter big bang, they finally succeed in finding the pack. In the process giving us plenty many laughs and kicking off a series which holds superlative promise. I’ve subscribed to the channel awaiting the next in the series and you must too as soon as possible…

May The Drag Be With You…

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