Sumatra To Turkey-Syria: Top 8 Most Disastrous Earthquakes In The History

Sumatra To Turkey-Syria: Top 8 Most Disastrous Earthquakes In The History

The sudden natural disaster earthquake in Turkey-Syria causing huge fatalities every hour and n number of injuries. This earthquake is probably the biggest and the most horrific one in history as it already took 7000+ lives of human beings in both Turkey and Syria.

According to some geologists and experts, the death toll may reach upto 20,000., which is the most terrible natural disaster. Here are some other Most Powerful Earthquakes In History.

1. Valdivia (The Great Chilean) Earthquake

Valdivia earthquake also known as The Great Chilean Earthquake of 1960 in the regions of Chile, Hawaii, Japan, the Philippines, eastern New Zealand, Southeast Australia, and the Aleutian Islands.

The great Chilean earthquake is the most powerful earthquake ever recorded with a 9.6 magnitude scale. It caused 6000+ deaths with just 10 minutes of earthquake frequency.

2. Sumatra – Indian Ocean Tsunami & Earthquake

The 2004 Sumatra earthquake is the deadliest earthquake in history. It is also known as the Indian Ocean Tsunami & Earthquake which caused huge deaths in Sumatra Islands, Burma, India and Sri Lanka.

With 9.3 Magnitude scale, Sumatra earthquake took lives of 2.5 Lakhs people which is the biggest fatalities caused by Earthquakes in history.

3. 1952 Kamchatka Russia Earthquake

The 1952 Kamchatka earthquake occurred on the southern tip of present-day Russia’s Kamchatka Peninsula left estimated deaths of around 15,000 deaths.

4. Great Alaska Earthquake

The Great Alaska Earthquake of 1964 occurred in the regions of Alaska. It took the lives of 100’s of lives which lasted for 4-5 minutes.

5. Tohoku Earthquake

With 9.1 Magnitude Scale in 2015, the Tohoku Earthquake occurred off the coast of Japan caused the deaths of 15,000 and around 10,000 people were injured in this earthquake.

6. Assam-Tibet Earthquake

The 1950’s earthquake occurred in Assam-Tibet regions took the lives of 3000 people and injuries of 1000+.

7. 2010 Maule Earthquake

Maule Earthquake occurred in Chile in 2010 left huge property damage and took 500-1000 estimated deaths and 1000+ injured people.

8. Turkey-Syria Earthquake

Now, the Turkey-Syria Earthquake with a magnitude of 7.8 caused a huge huge damage in both countries with 5000+ deaths in Turkey and 3000+ deaths in Syria as of now.

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