5 Common Signs And Symptoms That You Are Suffering From Food Addiction

Food addiction is a disorder which involves binge eating, cravings and lack of control around food, though it is not considered as a mental disorder, it can still be dangerous and can harm your body, if you are worried that you are suffering from food addiction, we have made a list of some of the symptoms you might go through if you are suffering from Food Addiction:-

Eating way too much than required

Common Signs And Symptoms For Food AddictionOne of the most common symptoms of food addiction is when you eat way too much, even when you are full, people suffering from the disorder cannot stop themselves, one bite turns into many till it becomes too much. Your cravings don’t stop till you finish everything.

Feeling guilty after eating, but doing it again

Common Signs And Symptoms For Food Addiction

We’ve all been here, eating too much and then feeling guilty about it, but with people who are suffering from this disorder, they feel guilty, but they tend to repeat it again, they easily give in to their cravings and then feel guilty about it, but a person with food addiction will repeat the pattern.

Getting cravings despite being full

Common Signs And Symptoms For Food Addiction

Cravings are common, we all have cravings sometimes, and it is not uncommon to have cravings even after eating a full meal. Cravings are the urge to eat something, despite being quite full, however, if these cravings occur on a regular instance, and ignoring them seems hard for you, then there might be a problem.

Making excuses for Eating

Common Signs And Symptoms For Food AddictionIf you are constantly making up excuses or new rules because you are giving in to your cravings, then it might be a sign of food addiction, our brain can often make up new rules, and you will a reason to eat a particular thing, so If you often make up excuses to eat, then you might be suffering from food addiction.

Unable to quit despite physical problems

Common Signs And Symptoms For Food Addiction

This can be quite dangerous, the food that we eat, affects our health, so by giving in to your cravings, you often tend to eat a lot of unhealthy food, which can have significant effect on your body, the junk food that you eat can lead to weight gain, acne, diabetes, heart disease, poor dental health, and other common problems. So if you are going through any of these problems, then you should immediately change your habits.


If you are having a hard time quitting eating junk food or if you have noticed the unhealthy habits that you have, then you might be suffering from food addiction, consulting a profession and working on this problem should be your first step as these problems can be overcome.



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