Let’s Take A Look At The Top 10 Strongest Currencies In The World

If you think USD is the strongest currency in the world, then think again! we’ve put together a list of some of the worlds strongest currencies. Here’s a list of the top 10 strongest currencies in the world:

p.s: All exchange rates are as on 3rd June 2021.

1. Kuwaiti Dinar

Kuwaiti Dinar1 Kuwaiti Dinar = 242.82 Indian Rupees

The worlds strongest currency is the Kuwaiti Dinar. Indian expat community is very strong in Kuwait, hence the reason for being a popular currency pair. Kuwaiti Dinar has been the highest currency in the world for a while now because of the oil-rich country’s economic stability…

2. Bahraini Dinar

British Pound1 Bahraini Dinar = 193.79 Indian Rupees

The Bahraini Dinar or BHD is the currency of Bahrain. Located in the Arabian Gulf, Bahrain is also heavily reliant on oil exports.

3. Omani Rial

Omani Rial1 Omani Rial = 189.72 Indian Rupee

This Arabian currency was first introduced in 1973 and has seen a significant rise in value due to the success of the countries oil supply.

4. Gibraltar Pound

Gibraltar Pound1 GIP = 103.55 Indian Rupee

The economy of Gibraltar is now dependent on a number of sectors like tourism and e-gaming.

5. British Pound

British Pound1 British Pound = 103.48 Indian Rupee

British pound is the fourth most-traded currency in the foreign exchange market, after the United States Dollar, the Euro, and the Japanese Yen.

6. Jordanian Dinar

Jordanian Dinar1 Jordanian Dinar = 102.99 Indian Rupee

The government of Jordan keeps fixed exchange rates which is a major reason behind the currency’s value so high. Jordan isn’t so heavily reliant on oil exports unlike its neighbouring countries which is a good thing as their economy is diversified in multiple different sectors.

7. Euro

Euro1 Euro = 88.97 Indian Rupee

Euro is the second largest reserve currency after the US Dollar. It is also the second most traded currency in the world.

8. Caymanian Dollar

Caymanian Dollar1 Cayman Islands Dollar = 87.90 Indian Rupee

The Cayman Islands Dollar is the currency of the Cayman Islands. Jamaican Dollar was in place till 1972 but then the Cayman Islands Dollar was put in as the official currency. The abbreviation of the currency is CI$.

9. Swiss Franc

Swiss Franc1 Swiss Franc = 81.12 Indian Rupee

The Swiss Franc is the currency of Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Switzerland’s famously secretive banking sector made the national currency a safe haven for international capital.

10. United States Dollar

United States Dollar1 USD = 73.01 Indian Rupee

US Dollar is the largest reserve currency in the world. It is said that no currency will ever replace the US Dollar as the most traded currency. Surprisingly at the bottom of the list even though it is the most traded currency in the world.

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