Noel To Roll: Meet The 7 Talented Rappers From Our Telugu States

1. Roll rida

His song “Patang” is the one that introduced him to audience. Later He became popular after stepping into Bigg Boss house. Among his popular somgs are the “Arupu”, “Raadhu” and hos latest tribute to Allu Arjun ” Taggedhele”…

2. Pranav Chaganty

His track ” panipuri” is the one that got him to fame. Kaala Movie lo yama greatu song ki rap chesindhi kuda tine. Acchamaina telugu saahityanni rap roopam lo paadadame tinaki intha popularity ni teesukocchindhi….

3. Noel sean

Noel is Well known as the first rapper of in Telugu Music Industry and Tollywood as well as a versatile actor, music producer, television host, Radio Jockey, lyricist and composer. He is a participant of Bigg Boss Season 4 but let it in the middle due to health issues. He also sang the telugu version of popular Despacito song..

4. MC Uneek, MC Mike

Their music is in sync with the Hyderabadi culture, language and mindset and hence their popularity rose soon after the release of the song Jimpak Chipak, which has over eleven million viewers till date.

5. Meghraj ravindra

Rapper Meghraj Ravindra aka Megh-Uh-Watt, has made a mark with numbers like ‘Manam’, ‘Dhoorjati’ that discuss issues of women safety, civic responsibility, corruption and humanity, quips.

6.Rahul Sipligunj

Biggboss season 3 tho popular ayyina Rahul Sipligunj is another popular singer and rapper in Telugu Industry.He co-produced, wrote and sang songs like “Magajaathi”, “Em Maayaloo”, “Mangamma”, “Makikirikiri”, “Poor boy”, “Daawath”, “Galli Ka Ganesh”, “Doorame”, “Jai Bajrang”, “Hijra”

7. Rakendu mouli

Vennelakangi gaari abbayi aina Rakendu Mouli cinemallo natinchadam tho paatu, tana nanna gaari baata lo nadustu, paatalu kuda raastunnaru. Saahasam swasaga saagipo lo vacche rap song ni raasindhi kuda ithane.

All these rappers focused on the fun quotient keeping the nativity appeal on point.

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