10 Ted Talks Of Celebs That Will Make Us Feel Inspired & Realise ‘Kastalu Andariki Common Eh’

Jathi Ratnalu movie chusi baytaki vachaka mind lo antha Jogipet Srikanth ye tiruguthunnadu. Anduke malli YouTube open chesi Naveen Polishetty old videos on chesthe, appudu yeppudo Naveen ichina Ted Talk kanapadindi, aa ted talk click chesaka almost kantlo ala chinnaga tears mokam pai chiru navvu. Ee success antha just overnight lo vachindi kaadu, there has been a lot of struggle behind it. Inka akkada nunchi mana actors & directors ted talks chustu poyanu, everyone has to struggle a lot to get there where they are now. Spare some time and go through these inspiring ted talks from our film fraternity. Keep calm and listen.

1. A story of struggle & grit – Naveen Polishetty


2. My journey to success – Aishwarya Rajesj


3. The Movie of my life – Sandeep Reddy Vanga


4. Know your true calling – Vetrimaran


5. How did I get here? – Nag Ashwin


6. Befriend Yourself – Nivetha Thomas


7. If passion is the path, success follows – Karthikeya Gummakonda


8. Thoughts on humanity, fame and love – SRK


9. Goofy, awkward & everything you don’t expect in an actress, that’s me – Ritika Singh


10. The cost of success – Pratik Gandhi

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