Telangana Government To Initiate Free Health-Checkup Scheme Every Year For All

Telangana state, mana citizens ki daily oka good news like “Rhythu-Bandhu”, “Air-Ambulance” and ‘Rythu Lakshmi’schemes tho India mottham attention gain chesthunnaru. Now, Health Minister C Laxma Reddy garu announced a health scheme plan for Telangana citizens.


Health scheme motive is to provide free health check-ups every year in entire Telangana rural and urban areas for all citizens which include tests for cardiac, kidney, neuro issues etc.

Initiate Free Health-Checkup

Recent ga state lo chesina health surveylo, 21.7% of the population in Telangana has high blood pressure, 6.9% has moderately high-level BP while 2.5% has very high levels. Over 7.4% of people have blood sugar (over 140 milligrams per decilitre) while 4.4% people have high blood sugar (over 160 mg/dl). Ee alarming health statistics chusi public ki health conscious awareness develop cheyadaniki ee healthcare initiate chesthunam ani Minister Laxma Reddy chepparu.

Initiate Free Health-Checkup

This health scheme is about to start in a couple of months and is being planned in every district soon. As already our Chief Minister KCR garu stated in assembly that this scheme will be helpful for everyone without any bias based on Caste, Religion or Socio-economic standing.”Ee health scheme really people ki useful avtey then it will be health revolution in our country and Telangana will be a healthier state.

Telanganites its time to get healthier soon. #HumFitThoIndiaFit

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