8 Old Telugu Heroines Who Rejected The Movies & Iconic Roles In These Movies

8 Old Telugu Heroines Who Rejected The Movies & Iconic Roles In These Movies

Missing or rejecting the movies is quite a common thing for any heroines and heroes. Aithe oka movie or movie lo role ki no cheppi reject cheyadaniki chala reasons untayi. And some movies and role nacchina kuda , some dates issues or other personal reasons valla stars some movies and roles miss avtuntaru.

Ila mana Telugu movies lo some old heroines kondaru kuda some noted movies and noted roles ni reject.miss chesukunna incidents unnayi. Sridevi, Jayasudha, Jayaprada lanti old heroines oka time lo heroines ga enno hits chusaru and after longtime villani konni movies lo character roles kosam ani approach aithe vallu ee movies ni reject cheyadam or roles ni miss chesukovadam lantivi jarigayi..mari vallu chesukunna movies ento chuseddam padandi.

List Of 8 Old Telugu Heroines Who Rejected The Movies & Iconic Roles In These Telugu Movies

1. Jayasudha rejected mother character in Nijam movie

Mahesh Babu Nijam movie lo mother character ki first Jayasidha garini anukuni approach aiyyaru director Teja. But adi konchem powerful role avvadam tho reject chesaru Jayasudha.

2. Meena rejected Neelambari character in Narasimha movie

Ika Rajinikanth Narasimha movie lo Ramya Krishna garu chesina iconic Neelambari character ki first Meena ni anukunnaru anta director K.S. Ravikumar.

3. Jayaprada rejected mother role of Mahesh Babu in Srimanthudu

Mahesh Babu Srimanthudu movie lo Sukanya garu chesina mother character ki first Jayaprada ni anukunnaru. Kani adi cheyanu anadam tho Devayani garu chesaru.

4. Sridevi Rejected Sivagami role in Baahubali

Ika Magnum opus Bahubali movie lo one of the most powerful lady role ever, Sivagami ki anukunnaru. Almost lock kuda chesaru director SS Rajamouli, but Sridevi rejected Sivagami role due to remuneration differences.

5. Raashi missed Rangamattha character in Rangasthalam

Ika heroine Raashi garu Nijam movie lo gopichand pakkana hot ga act chesaru. Chala gap taruvatha Raashi garini Rangasthalam movie lo Anasuya play chesina Rangamattha character kosam adigithe some evo reasons valla ame ee movie miss aiyyaru.

6. Vijayashanthi rejected mother character in Raja The Great

Sarileru Neekevvaru tho comeback icchina heroine Vijayashanthi garu. Aithe ee movie kante mundhe Anil Ravipudi, ee Raja The Great movie lo Radhika gari role kosam adigithe adi some unknown reasons valla reject chesaru Vijayashanthi.

7. Gracy Singh rejected mother role in Srimanthudu

Jayaprada gari taruvatha Srimanthudu lo mother role kosam Santosham movie heroine Gracy singh ni anukunnaru kani ame ee offer reject chesaru.

8. Laya rejected sister role in Chennakesava Reddy

Ika Chennakesava Reddy movie lo Balayya ki sister ga first Laya ni approach aiyyaru VV Vinayak. Kani appatike Balayyya tho heroine ga chesina Laya ee movie lo sister ga cheyadam istam leka no cheppesaru.

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