Here are 13 Hand Picked Telugu Inspirational Songs For You


Songs have a special place in the hearts of people. All days are not same… we have lows and ups in our life. Sometimes we become down and sometimes on highs. Telugu movies have produced some great inspirational songs which can make life of person better and enriching. Let’s have a look at them.This list of Telugu inspiration songs that boost your motivation for sure.

1. Jeevitham ante poratam – Narasimha

2. TaraliradataneVasantha – Rudraveena

3. SantoshamSagamBalam – Chiru Navvuto

4. Mounamgane – Naa Autograph

5. Le LeLeLe – Gudamba Shankar

6. EntaVarakuEnduKoraku – Gamyam

7. Oke Oka Jeevitham – Mr. Nookayya

8. Everybody – ChukkalloChandurudu

9. Merupai Sagara– Style

10. Run Run Song – Bruce lee

11. Nee PrasnaluNeeve – KothaBangaruLokam

12. ChalChaloChalo – S/o Satyamurthy

13. Don’t Stop till You Get Enough – NannakuPrematho

These songs are best suitable for the demotivated situation with their lyrics and lines. Put on ear when you needed.

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