6 Telugu Movies That’ll Bring Out the Kid In You


Childhood is probably the purest and best phase of anyone’s life. Your best friends will comprise of atleast one childhood friend. The best of your memories are in your childhood. You know nothing about the grey side of this vast world. If you ask your parents, they would tell endless stories about your childhood. Everyday of ours consists of many stories knowingly or unknowingly. And as kids we love(d) listening to stories and telling stories. Movies played a major role in telling us many stories. Though as we grow older, our movie tastes might have changed. No issues!

But there will be few movies which will throw you back into that mindset where you loved to be a kid. Here are 6 Telugu movies for kids, by kids, of kids.



Probably the favourite for most of the kids who grew up in the 1990s. The story of 2 kids who lose their parents in an unfortunate accident and are forced to stay with their grandmother and the tangles involved in taking over their property. A laugh riot all through, Bunny (Kavya) and Sunny (Aditya) are simply adorable. Remember that line.. baypaddaadu..baypaddaadu..


Traveling back in time – the thought itself is amazing enough to keep you glued to watching this movie. Singeetham Srinivasa Rao’s story when heard seems complicated but his narration along with Jandhyala’s dialogues make it very simple and soothing. Perfect story-telling!


It’s surprising to pick this one here, right? Yes! The language used is not at all the that bombastic sorts of language. Very lay-man, very simply yet wittily narrated story. While it has brilliant insights on technical end, it is also very simple when you nothing of it all and watch it as a sweet story.


A pure fantasy! A deity, Lord Indra’s daughter, coming down on a trip and loosing her finger and he encounter with Raju and the kids is all a perfect fairy-tale story we all would hear from our grannys.


Now, without knowing the technicality of gender change, this movie speaks volumes of gender equality in modern society in a funny situation. With the amount of fun involved its a worthy watch for any kid.


Before more of Hollywood movies came into our TVs and computers, this attempt to re-make Baby’s Day Out did turn out to be success with mostly the kids. Akhil Akkineni who barely knew that he was in front of the camera was just apt with his cute smiles and the Indianised version of this adventure drama struck chord with everyone alike.

Here was our list. Enjoy your weekend with any of these or all. Please share any other movies which you felt alike in this genre. NO, NOT Sahasa Baaludu Vichitra Kothi. 😀