After CBN, We Would Like To See These Telugu Politicians On NBK’s Unstoppable Show

Nandamuri Balakrishna AKA NBK host ga chesina Unstoppable Season 1 show entha famous aindo mana andariki telisindhe. Balayya mark witty punches, mass dialogues and cool interviews with celebrities altogether. Unstoppable was a really fun and entertaining talk show.

Now NBK’s Unstoppable Season 2 is all set to come up with new episodes and new guests. And one of them is Telugu Desam Party Leader and President Nara Chandrababu Naidu AKA CBN. Unlike Season this time, makers of Unstoppable have approached politicians and other popular telugu faces to show.

As CBN In Unstoppable is officially confirmed we would like to These Telugu Politicians On NBK’s Unstoppable Show….

1. Roja – YSRCP

Iddaru kalisi chesina movies, valla friendship and political journey interesting ga untundi Roja osthe.


Definite ga Balayya mark questions ki KTR answers ki set untadi.

3. Revanth Reddy – Congress

TDP lo Revanth Reddy journey and his role in TDP and present congress party lo athani importance meedha questions tho interesting ga untadi Revanth Reddy osthe.

4. Pawan Kalyan – Janasena

Ika cheppedi em undi one of the craziest episode avutundi if it happens and TRP, views pagilipotahyi.

5. Rammohan Naidu – TDP

Rammohan Naidu manchi talking power and political knowledge unna young leader in out Telugu state. Tana father influence and political journey baguntadi he was invited.

6. V Hanumanth Rao – Congress

Manchi meme content ostundi mana VH anna ade Arjun Reddy thatha garini show ki pilusthe.

7. KCR – TRS

Another box lu baddali aipoye combination in Unstoppable. Balayya questions ki KCR witty punches add aithe set untadi.

8. YS Jagan Mohan Reddy – YSRCP

Idi avvadhu kani aithe matram History eh. Mana Balayya style lo cheppalante once i step in history repeats…

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