The Dancing Sensations Of Telugu Cinema!!


DANCE – For few people, it’s an entertainment, for a few it’s hobby and for many it is life. When it comes to Telugu cinema, it is really blessed to have a good bunch of highly talented dancers. If we look at the evolution of the actors from then to now, back in those times it was enough if an actor was capable to deliver lengthy padyams with facial expressions. As time evolved, factors like looks, personality, power packed dialogue delivery etc got added to the list. And one such factor that has gained a lot of importance off late is DANCE. Let’s have a look at a few actors who wooed the audience with their springy breath taking dance moves.

ANRDancing SensationsIt was a generation where cinemas were made mostly on folk tales and mythological incidents. The filmy songs did not have much scope like that of padyams. They say that it was ANR who introduced duet dancing to the industry.

ChiranjeeviDancing SensationsThe previous generations of NTR, ANR, Krishna and Shoban Babu did not have much of dance in their movies and their moves were limited. It was Chiru who gave a new definition to dance in Telugu cinema. He attempted various styles like break dance, disco dance and others. Chiru’s specialty is not just those needed moves, it is the grace and his style quotient he adds from his side that makes his dance stand out. Especially his expressions while dancing are something to die for. He has always delivered power packed breath taking moves with accurate expressions. Chiru will always be the benchmark idol for dancing in Telugu cinema.

BalakrishnaDancing SensationsIn Chiranjeevi’s generation if there was anyone who could mesmerize with dance moves other than Chiru then it would definitely be Balayya. We might tease him and make memes around him, but he actually puts great effort in dancing and he actually dance s well.

Jr. NTRDancing SensationsThe first dancer to make a mark in the next generation of heroes was Tarak. Being a classical dancer Tarak really wooed the audience with his dance numbers. Tarak’s weight was never a hindrance when it came to his moves. And once he toned down, there was no one stopping him.

Allu ArjunDancing Sensations next person to the don the screens with his amazing and felxible moves was Allu Arjun. Stepping in as the first hero from the second generation of actors from Mega camp, expectations on his dancing skills were already set big time. And he definitely surpassed them with every movie that he came out with. Many debates still go on in the industry as to who is the best dancer and I am sure most of them will give a thumbs up for this stylish star.

Ramcharan TejDancing SensationsLike father like son. Where would the genes go. After Tarak and Bunny it is Ramcharan who holds the place with his stylized moves.

NithiinDancing SensationsIn the present generation Nithin is one actor who is being a tight competition to the next generation of actors. With every movie, he is proving to be no less when it comes to shaking his leg on the floor.

PrabhasDancing SensationsDespite his height, Prabhas still delivers good dance movements. He has always tried his best to give his fans some moves from his side for them to cheer.

SunilDancing SensationsEven as a comedian Sunil has always been proving his dancing skills with every opportunity he got. And once he changed his pick of movies doing only leads, his dancing and energy seemed no less when compared to the biggies. He always mentioned that his love towards dancing has always been because of Chiranjeevi.

RamDancing SensationsHe is known as ‘Energetic Star’. Though it sounds a bit odd, the reason behind that is the energy he always carries throughout his performances and dancing as well.

Bellamkonda SrinivasDancing SensationsIn the league of new upcoming actors, Bellamkonda Srinivas should definitely be applauded for his ability to showcase some great dance moves.

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