The Incredible Faces That We Can’t Stop Making..Ever..!!

By Bhargavi Iyer

You know that point where we all get to, in life, where our face can’t stop expressing themselves and controlling that is just impossible and so we go with the flow and bear with that at the discomfort of our fellow human beings around us.

1) The Sneezing face 

giphyYou know the time when there’s an important discussion going on and it involves your future and then your nose suddenly realizes its free and gives out the most awaited thing ever. A huge sneeze preceded by a motivational face that you give to support that sneeze. The moment that’s done you’re all good to go but then you realize that  you’re amidst people who have witnessed the most horrifying thing about you. Your face!

2) The Yawning Face 

giphy (1)This face you make is kind of similar to that of the sneezing face but the creatures around you aren’t treated to a post shower celebration. This mostly starts as a chain reaction. This reaction maybe initiated by filling your tummy with loads of goodies or just sit in a class during a lecture. The outcome is perfect when you combine the two of them with the last bench! During this period you yawn so bad that your mouth looks like one huge black hole and is ready to swallow the whole universe and your neighbours get a tour of your mystical mouth and its odour. Don’t forget to cover your mouth or else your neighbours might consider evacuating that area.

3) The Laughing Face  

giphy (2)There are times when you can’t hold back your laughter and your tears are like “no bruh,we ain’t a part of you any-more,we are going full fledge right now” and they just roll down. They roll so deep that Adele ain’t aware of that! And if you’re a creature belonging to the most sophisticated class of human beings aka a woman, then chances are that this will affect you the most. And you don’t want to insult the person but the joke’s so good that you can hold no more! The struggle is real. Hence you get it out and land in a soup!

4) That Thinking Face

giphy (3)All of us have this look reserved when we look at some place distant. We don’t bother about the present and just escape into our thoughts! This face kinda scares the people around you in the sense that they wouldn’t know when you’ve resigned from present and met Alice and the dwarfs and are enjoying your time there. And if you’re a fan of spooky movies then you’ll get this one! 😉


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