The Influence Of Social Media In Our Life


Entertainment, in all its aspects, be it social media, have highly influenced music, movies or any events in their growth. Entertainment which was limited to a particular class earlier is widely accessible for all. The development of social media also has a role in this with technological advancements that this decade witnessed.

Discussion about movies, trailers and reviews have a significant impact on people’s decisions. Even before the trailers, social media help stir the hype up for each movie. The crew member’s tweets, Facebook promotions, and Instagram on the set pictures all make publicity.

The social media team working in a movie is a major part of the crew. From motion posters to trailers, all are taken up by social media in large. The discussion on the platform before the film’s initiation and the online critics worldwide can bring up or down any movie by large.

Movies have also become bolder due to their social media support. It’s not just the big movies or even two-hour movie experience, but people make their documentaries and short films with social media support too.

1 1Music, mostly remixes and other versions like covers, encourages artists to have a two-way platform to get their work responses and get popularity. From homemakers to kids can showcase their talent. Youtube has made people welcome each talent.

The growth of Fandom and fan-fiction based on your favorite movies, shows or books are also a mentionable transformation with the advent of social media. Your unique take on this is well appreciated in this fandom community. Tumblr, Pinterest being the major contributors here. Authors or directors or actors also get to speak here about what they could not in their works. Twitter has been the most used platform for this.

Also, series which were limited to Television had grown a multitude due to social media support. Trolls and memes are another area of creativity opened by social media. People with funny wit and sarcasm are all over the social media memes. The visuals complimenting the memes are mostly from the sphere of entertainment.

The concept of social marketing has been undertaken as a major part as a theory. Every business has a social media promotion and publicity team. All the top companies are concentrating on keeping their reputation clean on social media. The process of image building went through a mentionable transformation with the increased influence of social media.

It is not only in the department of marketing that social media plays a role. Even in finance, HR management, research and development departments are transformed due to this. NGO’s get a positive push for fundraising. The surveys carried out by them on the social media platform benefit both the Research and Development department and Marketing.

Social media platforms like Linkedin and Glassdoor are potential employee finding platforms. Most of the companies hunt these platforms for getting their workforce.

2 1Not only top business firms, but social media has also boosted many small scale independent businesses. Handicrafts, jewelry and clothes have gained a foothold due to social media support. Some people just put their product details on social media and get the order. They also deliver personalized orders due to social media.

It also has enabled one to get effective comments and feedback on your products and services. Social media also helps to build your brand. Advertisements have become much more personalized and suited to the public. Advertising, which is always a booster, made it much easier to reach the masses by social media.

The word-of-mouth merits have been doubled with social media sources. You can pinpoint your target audience and tap the resource effectively. It is also very cost-effective compared to other resources. The mediators can be avoided and businesses have an open forum for communication with the customers.

The most common answer we get when we ask the general public about the advantages of social media is that it will keep you updated wherever you are about what we want to know. This is one of the significant characteristics of social media too. Users are updated about what they want to know from international news, what famous personalities say to the fan-fiction of your favorite show, and ‘The top ten songs of the week’ through Twitter and Pinterest, respectively. We can interpret and interact with this information the way we want to. You can react or ignore the happenings the way we want to.

Henceforth, Social media is an interactive user platform. Hence, the user becomes the ‘Prosumer’- producer and consumer of the content at the same time. We generate content and consume content according to our interests. On Pinterest and Tumblr, we develop pins and entertain other’s data too. Another prominent characteristic of social media is User-centered content.

Whether it be Facebook posts or Pins, we can choose what we want to see. The medium will show us content according to our content type.A real-time relay of information is another feature of social media. If we are connected to the internet, we get live feeds, which most broadcast media fail to provide.

3 2Platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, Whatsapp help us stay in touch with our friends worldwide. Distance is no longer a fear-factor for maintaining relationships. People have been claimed to be more gadget centered because of this; you can never ignore this merit.Visuals drive social media; the sphere of graphic designing is inseparable from social media platforms. The exotic design of the Facebook page, if we run a business, is an added merit.

Social media also involves the participation of the significant population. Many campaigns were initiated and completed by social media.
Social media includes a diverse population without any bias. You are appreciated based on your content. There are fewer barriers to having your perspective and work.

Social media also fosters subjectivity in individuals and the expression of yourself. You can produce or consume emotional content, unlike other internet content providers, where objectivity is in prominence. Blogs, for example, is an apt example of this where you can write and record your work and perspectives while acknowledging others.

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