The Inspiring Stories Of All The People Who Made K.G.F Possible, Check Out

KGF – The Big Thing On Indian Screen From South After Bahubali & RRR. 2018 lo KGF movie release ku mundhu ee movie ilanti sensation create chestundi ani Prashanth Neel & Co ki mundhe telusu. Yes, KGF anedi oka game changer movie avutundi ani story vinnaka producer Vijay Kiragandur and YAsh chala strong ga believe chesaru. Cut chesthe 2018 lo KGF Chapter 1 release aiyyaka Kannada, South kante ekkuva North belt lo phenomenal response occhindi. KGF Chapter 1 long run lo Hindi lo $4 crores chesindi and Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam lo kuda manchi openings occhayi. Ippudu KGF Chapter 2 ki humongous reviews and talk occhindi. Cut chesthe 6 days lo 500 cr Gross chesi existing records anni smash chesi PAN-India Blockbuster talks tho 1000 crores target ki close ga veltundi.

Aithe ee hit just Yash valla or Prashanth Neel valla ani cheppi credits antha aa iddariki ivvalemu. Movie ki 24 crafts entha important oo…KGF success lo Yash, Neel tho patu some major technicians and their contribution chala major role play chesayi.

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Mari Ee KGF Verse venaka unna aa crazy team evaro once chuseddama?

1. Anbariv – Stunt Duo

KGF movie lo half of the part action eh untadi. And aa action sequences lo elevations, dialogues tho neat ga choreograph chesaru stunt duo Anbariv.

Film course chesi stunt man ga offers kosam wait chestunna time lo oka MAlayalam movie ki chance occhindi e duo ki. Anbariv duo of Anbumani and Arivumani known for their stunts in Mollywood movies in initial days. But they also worked in Tamil, Telugu and Kannada industries in no time. They were introduced as a stunt duo with Malayalam movie Bachelor Party in 2014. And Tamil lo Karthi Madras movie ki occhina break tho Kabali, 24 movies ki work chesaru.

Cut chesthe Neel KGF kosam vilani approach avvadam…villu KGF ki stylish stunts compose cheyadam tho no time lo popular aipoyaru. They deserve applause for their risky contribution towards the KGF franchise.

2. Ravi Basrur – Music Director

14 years age lo family lo evaru earn chesevallu leka…Rs 200 tho Bangalore occhi metals sculptor ga work chesaru Ravi Basrur. Ala life lo chala struggle chusaka…music meeda interest tho devotional songs chesaru…which paved a path to movies. Iyana life lo chusins struggle and success meedha oka article eh rasamu.

Ika KGF ki tana music tho life ichadu music director Ravi Basrur. Neel first movie Ugramm ki Ravi Basrur eh music iccharu. Ravi Basrur Dheera Dheera one of the best song composition and movie lo every BGM is top notch assala.

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From Being A Daily Wager To Scoring BGM For KGF: The Success Story Of Ravi Basrur

3. Srikanth Gowda (KGF CHapter 1)

From Office Boy To PAN-India Editor: 1996 lo London lo Visionworld ane VFX company lo office boy ga join aiyyaru Srikanth. London office boy ga work chesi Bombay ki velli akkada….Balaji telefilms lo join ayyi akkada different jobs chesi Editor ga settle aiyyadu. 2009 lo Minugu ane movie tho editor ga work chesi Housefull, Bhadra, Ugramm lanti movies editor ga work chesaru.

KGF Chapter 1 lo some shots crazy untayi…hero intro scene kani, KGF lo entry aiyyaka scenes and editing paranga the best iccharu editor Srikanth Gowda.

4. Bhuvan Gowda – Cinematographer

Prashanth Neel Ugramm ki debut and Also Bhuvan Gowda ki kuda. EE iddaru kalisi journey start chesaru and Ugramm movie ni 5D camera tho tisaru Bhuvan. Assala aa movie work lo Bhuvan work nacchi KGF 1 & 2 ki chance icchadu Neel cut chesthe one of the best visuals deliver chesadu.

5. Uday Ravi Hegde – VFX

KGF lo some scenes lo VFCX use chesaru…aithe ee scenes kosam ekkadi foreign companies or top level VFX supervisors ni kakunda oka Bengaluru based basic startup pettina Uday Ravi Hegde ki offer ichadu Neel…result meeku telisindhe.

6. Shiva Kumar – Art Director

2005 lo Aham Premasmi movie tho debut chesina Art director Kannada lo 30+ movies chesaru. KGF movie ki oka nativity undi..aa nativity kosam 40+ sets esaru 2 chapters ki kalipi.

And KGF 2 kosam Army vallu use chesina tents use chesaru plastic in complete ga ban chesaru ee movie production work lo. And he succeeded in visualizing the concept of Kolar Gold Fields and he just created a fictional world ani chepocchu.

7. Hanuman Chowdary – Dialogue Writer

KGF release aina anni languages lo hit avvadaniki reason anni dubbed versions lo dialogues kosam vallu tisukunna care. Telugu lo prathi dialogue ki whistles paddayi in Chapter 1 & 2. And ee dialogues rasindi mana Hanuman Chowdary garu who previously worked for director Ravi Babu movies. And next Salaar movie Telugu ki kuda iyane dialogues.

8. Ujjwal Kulkarni – Editor (Chapter 2)

From YouTube Fan-made Edits To PAN-India Movie Editor:

Ujwal Kulkarni 19 years age…YouTube lo heroes vi fanmade trailer cuts, birthday special edits chestu undevadu. One fine day KGF Chapter movie version cut and new Trailer cut chesadu Ujwal adi Prashanth Neel chusaru…adi chala nacchadam tho direct Chapter 2 edit ki chance icchadu.

Occhina opportunity ni Ujwal chala baga use chesukunnadu…First half lo car chase sequence edit…intercuts, interval bang and some action in 2nd half lo editing work top notch undi.

9. Vijay Kiragandur – The Producer Backbone For KGF

Manchi movies produce cheyali anna passion tho…business nundi Hombale FIlms Production house start chesaru. Hombale Films’ first production endeavor was the Kannada film Ninnindale in 2014, starring Puneeth Rajkumar. Their next venture was Masterpiece, starring Yash, in 2015.

Neel cheppina line vini movie ki entha budget aina spend chestha ani munduki occharu Vijay and his passion towards cinema and craft eh ee roju KGF.

10. Prashanth Neel – The Captain Of The Ship

KGF ane vision ki main pillar mana PRashanth Neel eh. Gattiga 50 Crores Budget kuda leni Kannada Film Industry lo 80 Crores petti movie tisi aa movie ni First Kannada movie to hit 100 crores, 200 Cr, 500 Crore with Chapter 2 ane vision ni cthanu mundhe chusadu.

KGF anedi just oka movie matrame kadu. It’s the hard work of a bunch of talented people who are waiting for their turn. And aa turn occhaka okkasari andaru tama vaipu head turns ayyela chesaru tama hardwork tho.

Hard Work Pays Off ane daniki KGF Team & Their Success Eh Oka Perfect Example.

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