The power of the Fire God, Agni


Agni, the fire god is considered very very sacred by hindus. Chaala legendaries prakaram, he is the son of Dyaus and Prithivi. Inko charitra prakaram he is the son of Brahma, named Abhimani. We have more than 1 or two stories, anduke there are other wiritings that tell us about Lod agni too. He is reckoned amongst the children of Kasyapa and Aditi, and hence is one of the Adityas. In other writings, he is described as a son of Angiras, king of the Pitris (fathers of mankind).1 The Power of the Fire

Agni has many names: Vahni (who receives the hom, or burnt sacrifice); Vitihotra, (who sanctifies the worshipper); Dhananjaya (who conquers riches); Jivalana (who burns); Dhumketu (whose sign is smoke); Chhagaratha (who rides on a ram); Saptajihva (who has seven tongues).2 The Power of the Fire

Fire can take any form and shape. Kani oka chitram lo chusthe, he is a red man, having three legs and seven arms, dark eyes, eyebrows and hair. Fire comes out of his mouth and seven streams of glory radiate from his body.3 The Power of the Fire

He is the embodiment of purity and strength. He also depicts sacrifice. Heaven inka earth ante, devullu and vaallu srushtinchina mana madhyala agni is considered a messenger. He is worshipped during every occasion including weddings. And mana nammakam prakaram, he is the one who directs us to follow and serve the gods in the right manner.4 The Power of the Fire

According to old stories, he is said to reside in between two sticks of wood which produce fire. Agni devunni pujisthe, we will live a life of happiness, prosperity and deserving wealth. He helps us travel safe and sound despite the troubles and calamities we encounter. Manam chesina tappulani nunchi manaki vimukti istharu Agni devudu.5 The Power of the Fire