The Pre-Release Business Phenomenon of Power Star Pawan Kalyan Previous Movies

Unleashing the Demigod: The Pre-Release Business Phenomenon of Power Star Pawan Kalyan Previous Movies

In the World of Indian cinema, certain actors transcend conventional stardom to become veritable demigods in the hearts of their genuine followers. One such towering figure is Power Star Pawan Kalyan, a name that reverberates with immense craze, unparalleled euphoria, and an unwavering fan base that spans generations. While his on-screen charisma has captured audiences for decades, it is the unprecedented frenzy surrounding the pre-release business of his movies that truly sets him apart as a cinematic icon.
With each announcement of a new Pawan Kalyan movie, a fiery aura engulfs the film industry, heralding the arrival of a cinematic spectacle like no other. His fans are not just ordinary admirers but ardent devotees who ardently await the arrival of their demigod’s cinematic creations. The craze for his films knows no boundaries, with audiences from different regions and languages eagerly looking forward to experiencing the magic of his performances on the silver screen.

Here is the Pre Release business of Pawan Kalyan’s previous films.

1.BRO The Avtar – area wise Pre Release Business:
Nizam: 30Cr
Ceeded: 13.20Cr
UA: 9.50Cr
East: 6.40Cr
West: 5.40Cr
Guntur: 7.40Cr
Krishna: 5.20Cr
Nellore: 3.40Cr
AP-TG Total:- 80.50CR
OS: 12Cr
Total World Wide: 97.50CR

2.Bheemla Nayak – 106.75Cr

3.VakeelSaab – 89.35Cr

4.Agnyaathavaasi – 123.6Cr

5.KaatamaRayudu – 84.5Cr

6.SardarGabbarSingh – 87.7Cr

7.Gopala Gopala – 42Cr

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