The return of 90’s favourite social networking platform-ORKUT!


Before the Facebook revolution, it was the Orkut revolution. Orkut used to be the most favourite social media platform, for the 90’s kids. From sending scraps, to changing our profile backgrounds, it was all so much fun back then! But all of a sudden it was taken down. Somewhere deep down we all miss Orkut right?1 - hello

But no problem! “Orkut” is all set to make a comeback as “Hello” in India, in the next 2 months. Orkut’s founder, “Orkut Buyukkokten” said that this version is going to be bigger and better. Last year the Beta version of Hello was released and so far, there have been 50,000 installs.

The Beginning:2 - founder
An alumnus of Stanford University, Mr. Buyukkokten founded Hello in 2016 with a small group of ex-Google engineers. The San Francisco-based firm is now present in 12 countries including Canada, New Zealand and Brazil, and is available for Android and iOS devices. Backed by a group of investors including Google, the firm has grown to a team of 20.

India is expected to have 850 million online users by 2025, more than the combined populations of the G7 countries, according to a report from Boston Consulting Group.

Features:3 - features
The top features of the website are:
Personality tests that will help you connect with users you are more likely to get along with.
Can join communities.
Can follow more than 100 interesting personalities.