The scenes with Traffic Police. Funny yet serious!


First thing we get to know when we learn to drive, “How to dodge the police when they try to catch?!” We do multiple feats to escape from the traffic police, for we don’t follow the rules. Some of the crazy instances are,

Move far from where police is standing.1-Move-far-from-where-police-is-standing.
Find out alternative routes to dodge the checking.2-Find-out-alternative-routes-to-dodge-the-checking
Speed up before he can catch!3-Speed-up-before-he-can-catch!-‘Bhagaaaao!’

Turn the bike around when you spot the police.4-chiu
If you get caught,
Call someone.1-caught
Tell him I forgot the papers.2-‘Areeyyy-marchipoyina-uncle!’
Helmet. No Please.3-Juttu-oodipothundi-andi
Last scene. Beg.4-Last-scene.-Beg.

Inka last kidorikipotheidhiannamata scene:

This is a kid who was caught while driving in Eluru, West Godavari. The policeman handled the kid and the situation with utter patience and calmness. Feels good to know such cops exist!
There is something called road sense. Road meeda driving cheyyali ante oka certain age cross avvamantaru. It has reasons. People get careful, licenseteeskovali, road rules telusukuntaru and many other reasons too. So ala kakunda lot of people drive at a very young age which is very risky to the person and to the others on road. Ilanti things ni encourage cheyyakudadu. Already roads are the best way to reach God Yama. Please stop if you find such things in your neighbourhood!