The significance of what we do during every puja


Manam prati roju intlo or occasionally temples lo or festivals time lo prati intlo and temple lo pujalu chestu untam. Ee pujalu chesetappudu we follow oka set of rules. Okati tarvata okati and prati okkati oka format lo cheyyali. Veetiki gala karanalu ivi. Puja cheyyadam anedi deeparadhana, prasadam, alankarana, ghantanadam, prasadam, stotra prarthana, dhyanam and harathi…. Ivanni cheyyadam!

1. Alankarana – devuni idols ni baaga shubram chesi, pasupu kumkumalatho and flowers tho chakkaga decorate chestham. Flowers are full of life and rich source of prana. Prana is the yogic term of energy which is in the natural elements. This, when absorbed, contributes to the healthy living and thoughts of beings.1 during every puja

2. Ghantanadam – Idi chesetappudu deepalalo manam vese oil is really important. These oils combust to generate ions. Certain kinds of oils generate ions that are specifically important to people’s mental and physical health.2 during every puja

3. Prasadam – When any food item is placed in a clean and cleared place, it absorbs positive energy. Upon consumption, this fod breaks down and gives a lot of goodness in our systems. Not all foods qualify to be prasadam- Fresh fruits, freshly cooked food and rich sources of proteins are commonly noticed as offered to the god ass naiavedyam, which becomes prasadam for the devotee. Also, this used to help us to maintain ecology by feeding the insects and birds.3 during every puja

4. Stotra prarthana – manam chant chese anni stotralu Sanskrit lo untayi. V eeti correct pronunchiation valla oche vibrations create a lot of positive effect in our heads.4 during every puja

5. Dhyanam – observing our thoughts and making ourselves stable enough helps us be more close to our inner soul and realize what is right and what is not.5 during every puja

6. Ghantanadam and Haarthi – The echos of the bells create vibrations which clear negative energy and hence negative thoughts. Upon ghantanadam the negative energy is shooed. Camphor, lemon, chilly burns or absorbs negative energy. Hence the harathi cleans the negative energy.6 during every puja