These 10 Bizzare Traditions That A Few Indians Follow Will Shock You

India is a home to numerous communities, tribes and religions. Over the centuries, these communities and their traditions and rituals have combined to form all kinds of odd mixtures. There are a few practices in India that are exceptionally strange but followed with absolute devotion. So, we list down 10 such bizarre traditions of India that will shock you.

1) Garudan Thookam

People hook their backs and suspend themselves in air like eagles, to please Kali…..

1 Bizzare Traditions Of India2) Garbada Ekadashi

Cows walk over the backs of people. People do this to reduce their problems.

2 Bizzare Traditions Of India3) Adi Festival

People believe cracking coconuts on one’s head will please the deity and lead the townsfolk to prosperity and well-being.

3 Bizzare Traditions Of India4) Made Made Snana

People belonging to lower castes roll over the floor in the food leftovers of people of upper caste.

4 Bizzare Traditions Of India5) Exorcism – Cum – Marriage

People in some remote Indian villages believe that if a girl is born with a facial deformity then she is possessed with ghosts and will have an ill-fate. As an antidote to this problem, the girl must marry an animal to exorcise herself off demons. Once that’s been done, she’s free to marry a boy.

5 Bizzare Traditions Of India6) Tossing Infants

In different parts of India, it is believed that dropping a baby from the roof of Baba Umer Dargah and Sri Santswar temple into a sheet held by the men at the ground will bring health, prosperity and good luck to it…

6 Bizzare Traditions Of India7) The Banni Festival

Men hit each other with a stick in the name of tradition.

7 Bizzare Traditions Of India8) Puli Kali Festival

People dress up as Tigers and perform traditional folk songs on streets..

8 Bizzare Traditions Of India9) The Camel Festival

More than 50,000 Camels compete in beauty and racing contests.

9 Bizzare Traditions Of India10) Frog Marriage

To please rain God, wild frogs are married in a traditional Hindu wedding.

10 Bizzare Traditions Of India

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