These Food Habits Will Lower Your Cholesterol Levels And Improve Other Risk Factors For Heart Diseases

Human body lo heart ni oka major organ ani antam, kani aa major body part ni mana unhealthy food habits valla chala damage chesthundi. Ee present generation lo major concern factor body “cholesterol levels” andhari lo yekuvaga untundi, ee cholesterol levels heart health condition pyna chala effect chupisthundi.

Mundhu heart health inka cholesterol levels old age lo trigger aayedhi kani eepudu cholesterol levels young age adults lo kuda osthundi. Ee problems unhealthy food habits, smoking inka drinking valla osthunai. Body cholesterol two types ga untai, HDL “High-density lipoproteins” inka LDL “ Low-density lipoprotein”.

HDL antey good cholesterol, ee cholesterol body smooth functioning ki help chesthundi. LDL antey bad cholesterol, ee cholesterol body lo unna blood flow ni thaginchi blood pressure ni penchi, heart problems ni increase chesthundi. Eelanti cholesterol unna problems vallu emi cheyali what is the best diet food which you should follow ani andhariki doubt untundi.

Whole Grains:

Facts about cholesterol

whole grains mana body health ki chala manchivi , vitilo unna soluble fibres heart diseases nunchi kapaduthundi. Daily diet lo ee whole grains ni include chesthey bad cholesterol ni drastic ga reduce chesthundi.


Facts about cholesterol

body lo bad cholesterol ni complete ga inka easy way ga reduce cheyali antey oats are the best option. Dintlo unna high soluble fibres bad cholesterol ni complete ga reduce chesi body health inka weight loss ki help chesthundi.


Facts about cholesterol

almonds, walnuts peanuts heart health ki chala manchivi. Regular ga ee nuts ni consume chesthey LDL cholesterol levels ni drastic ga reduce chesi heart health ni dhuram ga unchuthai.

Brinjal & Lady Fingers:

Facts about cholesterol

ee rendu vegetables lo high soluble fibres inka low-calorie content untundi.

Fresh Fruits:

Facts about cholesterol

apples, grapes, strawberries inka citrus fruits lo pectin content high rate lo untundi. Ee pectin ni oka type soluble fibre ani antam which reduces LDL levels.

Vegetable Oils:

Facts about cholesterol

butter, cheese, saturated fats ni healthy canola oil, sunflower oil inka safflower tho replace chesthey body cholesterol levels ni chala varaku reduce chesthai.

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