These Posters By Amul Are Way Too Creative & Utterly Butterly Cool Just Like Their Products

Oka product ni tayaru cheyadame kadhu….a product ni market lo ela promote chesukovali anedi kuda teliyali. Andhuke deodorants nundi pedda pedda cars varaku companies anni tama products ni sale chesukodaniki creative ideas and creative ads tho advertisements chesthuntayi.

Kani only product gurinchi cheppadame society lo jarige prathi thing ni tamaki advantagega marchukuni products ni advertise chesukovadam lo Amul India taruvathe evaraina. Dairy products and goods lo one of the top most companies lo Amul eh 1st andulo eh doubt ledu. Idi okkate products ni villu promote chesukunattu inka evaru promote cheyaru anedi kuda ee creative poster designs with witty touch chusaka meere cheptaru.

1. Amul touch On Chinese Apps Ban

1. Amul Posters2. On Boycott of Chinese products

2. Amul Posters3. On the occasion of Yoga Day

3. Amul Posters4. On Gulabo Sitabo movie release

4. Amul Posters5. On corona safety

5. Amul Posters6. On Yuvi’s 6 sixes

6. Amul Posters7. On surgical strike

7. Amul Posters8. Tribute to Baahubali

8. Amul Posters9. On Sundar Pichai’s Term As Google CEO

9. Amul Posters10. On PK Movie viral poster

10. Amul Poster11. On Virat-Anushka’s marriage

11. Amul Posters12. On MOM’s Orbiter

12. Amul Posters13. On Modi-Rahul hug in Parliament

13. Amul Posters14. On Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham movie

14. Amul Posters15. On Abhinandan’s return to motherland

15. Amul Poster

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