9 Funny Things All The 90s Kids Did While Playing Video Games

For every kid who lived in the 90s, video games are a huge part of our childhood…
Gamers of today will never know the struggle of being a 90s gamer. Here are a few of those experiences of 90s video gamer:

1. Kicking someones ass in road rash for no reason

1.Video Games

2. The first heart-break of every 90s kid. That 9999999999 games in one cassette was a lie

2.Video Games

3. When the game isn’t properly working, blowing on a cassette is our mantra to solve all the problems.

3.Video Games

4. Admit it, we all tried shooting this Dog from Duck Hunt.

9.Video Games

5. Your sibling would always steal a life on Contra from you.

6.Video Games

6. You never completed Mario as a kid but you’ve always wanted to win Mario.

8.Video Games

7. We spent almost all our pocket money on learning every move that Yoshimitsu could do.

5.Video Games

8. We couldn’t install a game because one of the multiple discs either didn’t work, or was misplaced.

7.Video Games

9. In tekken 3 Eddy is boring. I don’t know why people picked him

4.Video Games

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