8 Things Every Student Who Studied ‘Intermediate’ In A Hostel Will Relate To


Once you pass your matriculation or Class 10, there is some instant ‘Now I am big’ feeling that dominates your personality without even your knowledge. You get enthusiastic and even hyper at times. For every other issue, the rebel spark gets lit. There seems no power that can stop you in any way. Be it the hostel warden himself or your senior, anyone who comes your way is smashed to the ground.

On the other side, your phase as a high school or intermediate student will stand crucial in the person you turn out to be. It plays an important ground for shaping your career for sure. And with all the hoopla around scoring the best marks, you also have some of the best memories during this time. Let’s take a look at those common things that remind us of our intermediate days.

Home Sick holidays


arey home sick holidays levanta kada’ ‘home sick holidays ki poinanka malli nenu raanu ra’ … The first thing we all bond over is talks and the buzz around Home sick holidays.

‘Outing’ every fortnight


‘ee sari outing ki PK cinema chudalsindhe. Hall lo pichekiddam ra’ …Outing antene cinemalu. Mari aa age lo inkem untai antha ga cheyadaniki.

Evening one hour break with those puffs and snacks 


Dorikedhe oka one hour break. Ee okka one hour break lo ne naana racha chesestham.

Those study chairs and wooden planks


Plank meedha ‘Raj loves Sameera’ nunchi ‘I am a Rebel’ varaku anni rakala quotes tho aripinchestham.

Silly fights and arguments with the Hostel Warden


Mess lo egg curry or chicken curry sariga ledani o gang esukoni poi andaru hostel warden tho arguement pettesukuntaru. Em anandamo emo, aa age lo manaku cheema kuttina tiragabadi edho cheseiyali ani anipisthuntundhi.

A secret second show instead of study hours


Okati alochinchandi, serious ga mariii roju study hours ante ela thattukuntarandi pillalu. Ivvi thattukolekano lekapote sarada kosamo, prathi batch lo study hours eggoti cinemala ki vellipoye batch kachitanga untundhi.

One mobile phone = 10 people’s point of contact


Appatlo mobile phones market loki just enter ayyayi. Paiga oka middle class intermediate student could never afford to buy a mobile. So, as usual okadi dagara mobile phone unte, daane andaru shift bases kindha parents ko girlfriends ko vaadukune vaalam

The girl next to you at the Examination centre


Idhi every year ki oka eduruchuse climax. Hall ticket vachaka, examination centre antha okay ayyaka, first exam ki ek dum kotha dress esukoni entho interest tho vastham. Okavela pakka oka andamaina ammai padindhi ante, ika tiruge ledu.. aa year final exam varaku wait chesi, elagaina aa pilla tho matladalani fix ayitham.

Ika entha mandhi success ayindro emo gaani, okavela meru in detail chadivi me intermediate days lo inkemaina gurtosthe kindha comments section lo veseiyandi.

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