Things In ‘Shades Of Saaho’ Which We Haven’t Noticed And We Aren’t Aware Of

Baahubali lanti mammoth and magnum hit taruvatha Prabhas chesthuna movie ante bhaaree expectations untayi. Appudu eppudo announce chesina ee movie first look taruvatha assala malli updates lev. ee movie paina Rebel star fans koncham kopam ga unna mata nijame ani chepocchu
Recent ga makers ee movie teaser kakunda making teaser release chesaru. Kani ikkada highlight enti ante making teaser is par excellence with hollywood standards and teaser ki ea matram tisipokunda undi ani chepocchu ee making teaser.

1 minute 22 seconds unna ee teaser lo some things which we haven’t noticed. Avi ento once check cheyandi.

1. Waaji City

Shades Of Saaho

Teaser opening first and second shots lo unna police car mida unna city name Waji. May be the key action sequences are shot in this city.

2. It’s all about eagle signed insignia,

Shades Of Saaho

Making visuals lo chupinchina ee particular scenes tells us that it’s a world with eagle shaped insignia of its own.

3. Truck, cars, bikes and chasing.

Shades Of Saaho

Oka racy flick tistunnam ante definite ga andulo cars, bikes and chase scenes minimum undalsinde. And ee teaser lo manaki kavalsina anni cars chase sequences unnay ani clear ga ardam avtundi.

Cars, bikes pakkana peditey oka truck making visuals Mad Max lo truck la anipinchindi. Mana tollywood lo ila trucks, cars, tho chasing scenes chala takkuve vachayi.

4. Evil or Good ?

Shades Of Saaho

At 0.47 secs Evelyn Sharma, Neil Nitin Mukesh and others guns tho police vallatho opponent ga unde visuals manam chudocchu. Mari villu movie lo good or bad ani teliyali ante release varaku agalsindey.

5. Prabhas seems to be on good side of law.

Shades Of Saaho

Ee teaser lo Prabhas entry shot and elevation chuste telugu cinemalo ippati varaku ea hero cheyani stylish and intelligence agent ga Prabhas sahoo lo kanipisthadu ani clear cut ga establish chesaru. And this is one of the best elevation for macho man Prabhas.

6. SS Thaman and Nikhil Nadella deserves all applauds.

Shades Of Saaho

Making teaser ni kuda teaser level lo cut chesindi UV creations lo associate director ga work chestunna Nikhil Nadella. SS Thaman background music main ga Prabhas elevation scene music aithay topnotch ani chepochu. Both deserves all applauds for BGM work and editing.

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