Things only a pakka Chai addict will relate to


Chai is nothing but stomach full of peace presented in a small cup! Chai is the best thing that can be prepared in the least amount of time. Mana life lo this is a very important part. Yes, it is a love that never betrays us.

1. Chai is the morning wake up appetizer.tea addict

2. Chai ni ela padithe ala taagoddhu. That ‘surrr’ sound is the most happy thing.tea addict

3. People who do not love chai are like migrants in our own friends group.tea addict

4. We know where chai is the best in the region and akkada unna vaallu andaru are mana dostulu.tea addict

5. It is the medicine to all our emotional disturbances.tea addict

6. It is the best treat we can have when we are in the happiest of our mood swings.tea addict

7. It is the best thing that our money can buy.tea addict

8. Okka cup tho manam aagamu.tea addict

9. We do not need a particular time to have chai. Anytime, anyplace, with anyone.tea addict

10. The first sip of the first chai in the day is like heaven.tea addict

11. We know the flavors that go best with Chai.tea addict

12. For the elders at home, girls who can make the best chai are the best in everything.tea addict