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Things only a short guy will understand!


1. Kottha battalu is so much fun than altering the length of the battalu! Mana height ki taggattu evaru undara????short guy2. Social Networking lo mana friends tho paata pics pettalante…comments kosam bhayam.Friends andaru tall unte oche comments will be the most irritating thing ever.
3. If we want to ask any girl out, we must first convince her not to put on heels .4. Mana age meeda andari doubt eh. Age ki height ki no link, understand? 5. Mana nick names kuda mana height ki related eh untay! What is this abbaaa!6. People think we are not fit for playing basket ball. But no one can understand that I can dodge between their legs because of my low height.7. Manam weight conscious pakka undali. Even the slightest change in our weight, our height talks about it.8. Photo lu digetappudu…we are always in the front row for we might get lost being!9. Certain age raagane family lo all kinds of problems relating to my height. “Neeku pilla ekkada dorkuthadi ra????” This is the most irritating dialogue ever!10. Family lo jokes will go beyond being called irritating.”Nee pillalu kuda short eh untaru”! So lame!11. Concerts ki velthe we have the most of problems because of too much jumping just to catch a glimpse of what is happening on stage
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