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Useful hacks if you are a Solo- Traveller


Everyone Loves Travelling, Andarki life lo ee place kachitanga chudali ani untundi.There are few people, evarki ayithe Solo- Travelling ishtam other than travelling in groups.
Solo ga travel chesthe you can explore inka full of stress life nundi peace kuda ostadi, Life lo disturbed or low ga feel avthe, just plan a instant solo trip , meeku ishtam ayina place ki vellandi.
That truly helps.
Here are few useful hacks for Solo Travellers
1.Do Your Research: solo travellerMeeru vele mundu, mee destination ni chuskodam chala important. who wants to get messed with the routes ? Home work cheskoni velladam chala better, google maps lo routes download cheskoni petkondi. Research on everything. Medical centres, inka neighbourhood places gurinchi kuda research cheyadam is a very important .
2.Avoid Overpacking and roll your clothes instead of folding :Overpacking asal cheyakandi , Heavy Books and Towels are a big NO NO , Heavy bag tho we can’t just go wherever we want, light bags and also carry use and throw plastic covers , Emana konukunte you will have extra covers to keep, clothes fold chesthe it will cover more space, so if you roll them you can more space, inka picking your clothes will be easy.
3.Carry a handy Weapon and a extra sim : Safety is necessary and a need, oka weapon like a pepper spray, or a small knife . Epudu em aytadho telidhu, manam eppudu risk cheyodhu when it comes to safety. Manam dooram places travel chesthe sim problem ostadi,sudden panicking kakunda oka local sim tiskunte, meeku maps chudadam lo problem undadhu.
4.Stay in contact with your closed ones : Manam solo travelling chestunapudu , mana location kontha mandi close people tho share cheyadam important, through out your journey emana avakudanadi ayithey, you will have people to count on.
5.Multi-Stash method for safety :Mana valuables ni safe ga unchukodaniki , koncham cash, in your shirts,jeans safe side ga chala use aythayi, avoid carrying lot of Gadgets, oka power bank carry cheyadandi. Cards and identity proofs kuda put them in your wallet.

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