Things only people with dimples will understand


What’s better than a smile? A smile with dimples, of course!

Those of us who have dimples will surely understand the benefits of having them on our cheeks.

1. Everyone loves our dimples if not anything else. We get a lot of compliments, just mainly for that.tollywood dimples

2. Friends poke and roll deep into it and have a laugh.tollywood dimples

3. We have some amazing selfies with the dimples picturing so beautiful in them.tollywood dimples

4. We like pushing them deep inside by smiling a little stronger.tollywood dimples

5. If you are the only one with dimples in your group, you get all the attention.tollywood dimples

6. Your family and friends love pinching your cheeks, everytime.tollywood dimples

7. Chinnapudu dimples enduku osthay ante…baaga cheeks press chesthe osthay ani kondar elders cheppe vaallu. So all our childhood we kept watching our friends and siblings press their cheeks hoping to get dimples overnight.tollywood dimples

8. This is the best deformity that can happen to our faces.tollywood dimples

9. This is a topping of beauty to your face. Our face doesn’t need to have artificial make-up on.dimples

10. We sometimes watch our parents ask in front of others to smile and show our dimples.tollywood dimples

11. Our grandparents look like angels with dimples!tollywood dimples