Things Telugu girls with short hair are freaking tired of listening.


1. You are a girl. Girls are supposed to have long hair.1-pranitha-subhashEntandi idi…Hair unte enough no??

2. Nee Pelli lo jada etla eskuntav intha short hair tho??2-taapseePelli is important brother! Kani daniki hair ki what sambandham??

3. Don’t worry! It will grow back.3-kajal-aggarwalGrow aithadi ani everyone knows!

4. Long hair was nicer on you.4-anushka-shettyOpinion no asking we!

5. Intlo emaina anara??5-amala-akkineniMa intlo andarki short hair only! Sare na??

6. You won’t be able to try many hair styles.6-reginaGoogle thalli ni ask. Apudu chepthadi how many hair styles untay ani

7. Are you a tom boy??7-tammanaDuh!!!!!

8. Hey. You got your hair short! This makes your life simple.8-geneliaHair daily morning comb cheskodam tho life is becoming complicated for many anmaata!

9. You will look best only in jeans.9-ileanaEmaindi ee nagaraniki??!

10. You know what? Your hair won’t be visible enough if you wear a hat.10-taapseeMy face, my dress, my hairstyle, emi kanpinchatle kada?? Leni hat kanpistunda??