Dear Ladies, 10 Things to take care of this summer


Summers in Hyderabad is nothing but a lot and lot of heat throughout. So taking measures in every detail is really important to get along with the season.

Here are a few things that we supposedly should follow for a care-free summer.

1. Summer cottons in your wardrobe are a must.1 Summer cottons in
2. Make sure you wear the right footwear and keep your feet away from a shoe burn.2 Make sure you wear the
3. Get accessorized with the right sun glasses.3.-Get-accessorized-with-the-right-sun-glasses.
4. Get a few hats ready to be able to enjoy outdoors.4.-Get-a-few-hats
5. Let loose in your clothing so that you do not let sweat become any sort of enemy.5.-Let-loose-in-your-clothing
6. Do not forget a moderate sunscreen to avoid tanning.6.-Do-not-forget-a-moderate-sunscreen
7. A lot of water consumption is a must. Do not forget to carry a water bottle wherever you go.7.-A-lot-of-water-consumption
8. Take care of the food you consume. This might help you stay active all day despite a lot of fatigue coming along.8.-Take-care-of-the-food-you
9. Spend afternoons at home with family and friends or at workplace to avoid scorching heat.9.-Spend-afternoons-at-home
10. Get proper scarves to cover your head properly in case you are out on any purpose.10.-Get-proper-scarves