Things We All Get After Missing Our Roomies


Life lo first time manam independent ga undadaniki, maybe because of our studies or job purpose, we stay away from parents. Konnisarlu mana friends tho undalsostadi and konni sarlu kothavallu mana roommates ga vastaru. Edaina, we get to know about them and manaku baga alavatu aipotaru. So, today we are sharing few things that we all get when we miss our roomies. Check it out:

1. Manam roomies tho untey, he/she is the one who used to wake us up and sometimes poddune mana sleep ni disturb chesedi kuda vaalle. 1 - Svsc2. Manaki food vandadam rakapoyina time ki manaku vandi pedataru.
2 - Sarocharu3. We will miss our mid night chat sessions and biryani parties. 3 - Gunde jari Galanthinde4. Manaku istam lekapoyina and ardam kakapoyina, vaallaki  istamina TV series chustune untam gantala koddi adi miss avtam. 4 - Darling5. Manaki epudu serious advice kavalanna, vaallani miss avtam. 5 - Solo6. We miss the fighting that we usually have with him/her and also the cleaning sessions.6 - Happy7. You miss the live comedy sessions with him/her.
7 - Brue Le