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Things we must learn from a person’s death


Evaraina chanipoinapudu manalo chala emotions inka thoughts run ayithayi, let it be someone close to us or someone we just know of. Sridevi’s death has taken the entire nation by a storm. Not just her’s but every person’s death channelizes a lot of thoughts in us. Here are a few things a person’s death teaches us.

1.Life is unpredictableFuture lo mana life ela untundho ani manamu predict cheyalemu. Life is a rollercoaster. Happiness inka sadness are inevitable parts of life. Death eppudu sudden ga inka shocking ga ne osthundhi. We’ll never know eppudu varaku someone will stay with us.

2.Never leave things unsaidPeople manatho eppudu varaku untaaro ani telidhu kabatti it is very important to express our feelings to them. If you love someone, tell them before it is too late and you regret.

3.You’ll realize a person’s importance only when they are goneThis is a very apt saying. Manshulu dhooram ayyake manaku vaalla importance thelusthundhi. Vaallu unnantha varaku manamu vaallani pattinchukomu . Anduke it is very important to be good to people around you.

4.We don’t always get answers to our questionsSridevi, Divya Bharthi inka Uday Kiran chanipoinapudu we didn’t know what happened. Chala saarli chaavu di kaarnam teliyadhu. All of our questions are left unanswered.

5.Make the most of lifeLife is short inka manaku unadhi oke zindagi kaabatti we should make the most of it. Emanna cheyali ani unte, we should try our best to do it and accomplish the goals we have set. We should indulge in as much social service as we can to make our life worth it.

6.Be gratefulNo matter what, be grateful with what life has given you. Eppudu manamu mana kante better unna vaallatho compare chesukoni edusthaamu, but actually manakante bad stage lo unna vaalani chusi we must be grateful. There will always be someone better than you and someone who is in a worse position than you.

7.Life goes onRemember, that no matter what life goes on. Evaraina chanipoynapudu manaku chala baadha esthadhi kani one must remember that you will recover and you must continue living life, for there is only 1 life to live.

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