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Some of the dangerous countries for women to travel


Who doesn’t love travelling? Mana andhari bucket list lo ‘travelling the world’ compulsory untundhi. But there are some places that are very dangerous for travellers, especially female travellers. Ikkadiki elli mee life risk chesukokandi!

TURKEYTurkey chala dangerous country. Ikkada terrorist attacks jaruguthu untaayi inka women harassment is also very common making it an uncertain environment.

RUSSIASince Russia lo war eppudaina jargachu, its not safe for travellers. Ikkada terrorism inka rates of other crimes chala ekkuva. Global Peace Index lo Russia ranks 151 out of 163.

MEXICOMexico lo crime rates chala ekkuva; female assaults, kidnapping, carjacking inka highway robbery chala common. Tourists, especially women travelers face a lot of difficulty in Mexico.

BRAZILBrazil economy thaku undadam valla tourists encounter sexual assault, armed robbery, armed assault, burglary, theft, and political unrest. Idhe kaakunda, ikkada Zika virus ocche chances chala ekkuva.

COLUMBIAColumbia used to be drug trafficking haven ani andhariki thelsindhe. Idhe kakunda ikkada rape inka sexual assaults are at peak. South America lo worst homicide rate, Columbia lo ne undhi.

Kenya anagha ne wildlife gurthosthundhi. Ikkada worst predators humans eh, terrorist attacks, grenade attacks, kidnappings inka carjacking ikkada avuthu untaayi. Hotels, government offices inka shopping areas prime targets, terrorist attacks kosamu.

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