12 things you can do post engineering


Engineering has become a strict form of study. 10th aina ventane inter lo MPC and adi aina ventane edaina engineering college. Mana interests asalu enti ani kuda realize ayye option lekunda ne engineering loki ochestham. Apudu mella mellaga mana passion ni pursue cheskuntam. So, engineering ainaka there are many things you can do apart from a software job. Engineering lo manam nerchukune chaala things ikkada useful authayi in a different way.

Here are some professions you can pursue.

1. Tech Blogger1. Tech Blogger
2. Entrepreneur2. Entrepreneur
3. Photographer3 Photographer
4. Writer4. Writer
5. Data Marketing Expert5. Data Marketing Expert
6. Filmmaker6. Filmmaker
7. Software Engineer (For sure)7 Software Engineer
8. Teacher8 Teacher
9. Web Developer9 Web Developer
10. Data Scientist10. Data Scientist
11. Engineering into Government Services11. Engineering into Government Services
12. Fall in love (idi andaru chestharu le :P)12. Fall in love