Things you should definitely do with your first salary


‘Your salary has been credited to your account’ month antha pani chese vaallai most appealing message edaina undi ante ide. That too first salary ante aa excitement ee veru untadi. First time mana bank account lo 0 kakunda vere numbers kanipisthu untay. Facebook, instagram lo #feelingRich ani update chesesaka sudden ga idea vasthundi ee salary tho emem cheyyali ani. So, here are some ideas to spend your first salary!!

1.Shopping!!!first salaryShopping ante salary motham oodcheyamani kaadu. Mana andariki eppati nundo oka favourite item untundi, first salary tho konukkovali ani. Be it a camera, a guitar, teddy bear edaina kaani koneyyandi. Afterall you deserve it!!
2.Travel:first salaryWorld tour gurinchi cheppatledandi, edo oka chinna get away laga. Daggara lo unde beach ko, lekunte trekking ko edo okati. First time me salary tho trip ki anni plan chesthu chuskuntu unte… it’s a crazy crazy crazy feeling!!!
3.Tattoo:first salaryIf this is something you always wanted to do or if this is something your parents refused to pay for, this is the perfect time to do it!! Along with this me first salary feeling ni ee tattoo lifelong gurthu chesthune untundi.
4.Buy your parents a gift:first salaryThis is a priceless feeling!! Mana first salary tho edanna konte manam entha happy ga feel avthamo, antha kanna ekkuva mana parents happy ga feel avtharu. This is for sure. Go ahead and put a smile on their faces by gifting them.
5.Take you partner out for a dinner:first salaryLavish and expensive dates ki vellali ani evarikaina untundi. But we often compromise on that, mana budget chuskoni. But for once it never hurts. Anduke without a secong thought immediate ga me date ni plan cheseskondi.

6.Learn something you always wanted to:first salaryGuitar? Photography? Dance? There will definitely be something we always want to learn, but we don’t want our parents to pay for that. Now that you are earning for yourself go ahead and do it!!!!
7.Savings:first salaryIdi special ga cheppalsina avasaram ledu. Automatic ga manam responsible feel avtham about every single rupee we are spending. And believe me, this is the best thing that can happen to you. Never let this habit of you go.
8.Be selfless:first salaryAla ani beggars ki money ivvadam mathrame kaadu, you can also do a lot of other things. Em cheyyali anedi me salary ni batti untundi. Whatever you do, it will always be better when you see someone else smiling because of you.
Go ahead and get rolling!!!!!