This Beautiful Write-Up About Gaddam From C/o Kanacharapalem Is A Must Read

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Meet Gaddam, C/O Wineshop, Kancharapalem.

To befriend Gaddam is easy.His tendency to accept situations way they are and his humble nature will make him your good friend in a very short time .I don’t know what situations might have made him such humble and easy going but his little silences in between the words and his deep eyes speak of disturbed past, of the hard lessons he had learnt.Looks like he had moved on for good.

Gaddam does not want to sleep with a hooker because he is in love and does not want to cheat on her irrespective of her not knowing his feelings for her.Gaddam’s love for Saleema is not faltered when he comes to know that she is a hooker; In fact, the same hooker with whom his friends slept. Saleema is stern that she would not stop and he accepts. He silently slips protection to her hands when he learns that her mother died of AIDS.

Being in love isn’t always hunky-dory. Bitter moments are bound to follow. When Saleema asks which god does he believe in,Gaddam replies that he doesn’t have any constraints like that.After falling in love with Saleema,he adopts Islam as his religion.Saleema died on the day when they plan to get married. Reasons unknown.And, with Saleema’s death, Gaddam seems to have lost faith in Islam as well.

Over the years humans fail to understand the definition and power of love. They also fail to understand the amount of purity the feeling of love poses.We are fortunate to have few people like Gaddam who understand this and pass on the purity of love.When you meet Gaddam, Don’t forget to give him a hug.Saleema has died, but not his hope and love for the people around. He will move on.

Here is 🍸 to Gaddam, his everlasting endurance,the amount of goodness and acceptance he carries.Sometimes in dreams i see myself meeting Gaddam and Saleema,gifting them a Full “Mansion House” and they both are smiling like there is no tomorrow.

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