This Hyderabadi getting Challans from the past one year and now he has to pay Rs. 1.8 Lakh


Mamuluga manam okkasari kuda traffic police degara Challan tesukokunda undadanike try chestam. But least case lo epudanna signal break cheyadam valla or over speeding valla life lo okasaranna Challan tesukuntam and danike manam feel avtam, but kaani Hyderabad ki chendina oka person matram everyday Challan tesukuntunadu.challans

Yes, and that too same space, same reason and same time. The Telangana State Police’s E-Challan website recent ga a pictures kuda release chesindi. Oka Telangana number plate unna Honda Jazz owner received Rs 1.82 lakh in fines since 4th April last year and still, tanu ade mistake chestune unadu. Over-speeding karanam ga till now 127 times tinu challan tesukunadu, that means one challan in every three days. May be edanna Limca book of records kosam try chestunado kuda ardam kadamledu.challans

Outer ring road lo 150 km/h speed tho drive chestunandu almost last year nundi challan tesukunadu, but inka ekkada taggatledu. And e one year inka e other reason valla kuda, tanu Challan tesukoledu, expect over speeding. Normal ga evaranna okasari Rs. 1,435 over speeding challan pay cheyali antene chala badipotuntam, but this person, ipudu nearly Rs. 1.8 lakh challan pay cheyali.challans

D.V. Ranga Reddy, the Inspector of RGI Airport Traffic Police Station oka newspaper tho matladutu, usually challan details every time, a person mobile ki velipotuntayi, incase tanu mobile vadakapotey, tanu telusukoledu. And a vehicle number ni memu anni tollgates ki pampi, as soon as tanu a money pay chesetu chustam ani chepadu.

Well, we are excited to see, who is that person? Aren’t you?