This Tribute To Ilayaraja By Thaikkudam Bridge Is Simply Hair Standing


Thaikkudam Bridge – The current sensational rock band in Kerala who connect mostly with songs that bring nostalgia soothing your ears has by now become predominant in many people’s YouTube playlist. They have made us experience songs from classic jazz to some outstanding melodies.

A multi-lingual and multi-genre band, this band has evolved to be a hub of some really great songs re-created and some kick-ass original compisitions. It all started in mid 2014 when Govind Menon and his cousin Siddharth Menon sent a cover version of a melody to a local entertainment channel and ever since they came out with a cover of Metallica’s 1992 power ballad, ‘Nothing Else Matters’ which became a sensation on the YouTube scene, there was no looking back.

Original songs like Fish Rock only put them on top. So that’s about a brief history about Thaikkudam Bridge. If you want to have a taste of how it feels to hear them, check out this performance of theirs which is a Tribute to Ilayaraja, whose songs have been very well reprised and at moments even give you Goosebumps.

It has some of the best Ilayaraja’s tracks and you are bound to keep this on loop.


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