GHMC Elections : This Version Of Nannaku Prematho ft. KTR Is Simply Kickass!!


Ever since the new state of Telangana has been formed, the regional party has been making its prominence felt across the state in every manner possible. Yes, the Lok Sabha elections were conquered by the regional party, Telangana Rastra Samithi, but the control over capital city was always under debate.

With the GHMC elections coming into the scene, the battle was all fresh. The party who proved their prominence in the city would obviously get the command. With an aim to lay the political acumen on the next capable leader, the force to drive GHMC elections were entrusted on K.T. Rama Rao (KTR). This dual post graduate degree holder proved his capability with a thumping victory in the recent GHMC elections.

In these times, adding some entertainment element to things like this is always fun. Check out this awesome tribute video of Nannaku Prematho edited by Yuva Kiran featuring KTR.

Irrespective of the party you support, we’ve got to be sportive in watching such videos.