These Days Patriotism Has Become A Joke! Yes, This Video Speaks The Truth And Will Leave You Pinched!!


How far are are we being true to ourselves as citizens of this country? Our outrage as Indians and love for this nation lasts barely for a day or till the next social media update  In a way we all are opportunists and make the maximum of the chances we receive. Do we really care for this nation, do our words actually mean the same when it comes to our actions?

This video by The Talking Turkeys will be a slap on our faces. Sadly, we are left with only one hope. A hope that we change for the betterment of this society. We hardly realise the fact that if we really do care for the society around us, the society will automatically take care of us. The change might take a few years, but even a sky scrapper starts off with a brick. Let’s hold ourselves together and look forward to that day where we all are really proud of our nation without being hypocritical.