Time to Ditch your Windows Phone – it is Officially Dead


Windows OS one of the cool UI with live tiles first Windows phone HTC release chesindi, ee HTC phones ekkuvaga kanipinchav kaani world lo best manufacturer HTC annintini face chestadu, first Android from HTC and first Windows phone from HTC, Appatlo Steve Jobs dobbei annadu lekapothe HTC iOS model kuda release chesevadu.WindowsComing to the story, Windows OS tho HTC first lo manchiga run ayyindi later Android paina ekkuva concentrate chesi Windows ni Nokia ki link chesi pakkaki tappukunadu after that Nokia lo Windows OS tho best Models release ayyay meru chuste fast and furious anni series lo vallu use chese phones Nokia Windows phones and Shah Rukh Khan kuda okapudu Windows phone a use chesevadu ante antha baaga undevi Windows Phones, Worlds best phones design chesevallu Nokia team kaani due to Android effect Developers chala confuse ayyevallu Apps develop cheyyadaniki because Windows only manufacturer Nokia so users takkuva but Android users ekkuva and Apple iOS users kuda ekkuve but manufacturer iOS ki kuda Apple okkate but Apple phones ekkuvaga use chesevallu States lo alane Nokia Lumia Models baane use chese vallu only due to App developers Windows phones flop ayyaywindows

Due to heavy losses Nokia sold out their sources to Microsoft where the official Windows OS maker took its own OS to develop their own phones like Apple but Microsoft kuda heavy losses loki vellipoindi last year nunchi Zero Sales from Microsoft.windows

Recently Bill Gates Founder of Microsoft revealed that he has shifted from Windows phone to Android Phone at Fox News Studio but Android lo a phone use chestunnado cheppaledu but nenu expect chestundi aythe Samsung Galaxy S8 Special Edition, S8 lo Microsoft tho collaborate ayyi Samsung oka Special edition release chesi adhi market loki raaledu but few mobiles are in test mode so i think Gates using a Special Edition of Windows Samsung Galaxy S8 and in the same interview Gates praised Steve as Genius and said i won’t use iPhone or iPads.windows

Bill Gates a Windows nunchi Android ki vachadu ante official ga Windows phones manufacturing and development apesinatte but manam official statement rakunda cheppalem but recent ga Windows Phones cheif Joe Belfiore tana twitter lo Athanu kuda Android ki move ayyadani cheppadu anthe kaadu official ga inka Windows phones ki updates undav and no more Windows phones ani cheppesadu.windows

Inka twitter lo vallu eppativarku kuda Windows apps developers ki incentives ichi mari apps chepincharanta and inka konni companies ki aythe valle Codes rasaranta mari konni Apps ki valle pay chei updates eppincharantawindows

Future updates aythe emi undav but Bug fixes and Security updates matram untai and inka App developers ki kuda money pay cheyyaranta ika nunchi so ippudunna apps kuda run ayye chances takkuva ani cheptunnadu

One of his followers tweeted him about facebook worst UI on Windows and he reacted like “ Yes… That’s a real problem that we cannot fix ourselves” this tweets seems to be windows phone is officially deadwindows

All those are official tweets from Joe Belfiore Cheif at Windows Microsoft phones and athanu kuda recent ga Android ki shif ayyadu due to less App support from Windows Developers.

So all Windows phone users it’s officially dead and no more updates and Windows Phones journey from Windows 7 2010 to 2017 Windows 10 tho end ayyindi.

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