Here Is The List of 20 Tollywood Actors & Signature Colours They Like To Wear

Contributed by Azeezunnisa Syed

Color color what color which color do you like? Every individual has their preferences on colors or their unique shades, your favorite color has a lot to say about you because every color has its own meaning but who cares about that. Now let’s have a look at how our stars choose their favorite color over others….

  1. Prabhas-Black

PrabhasBlack is a very powerful dark color which reflects elegance,modern and professional.Our Mirchi lanti kurradu’s favourite color is black.

2. Allu Arjun-Black and Blue

Allu ArjunBlue means deep sea and loyalty,black is mysterious and strength.Our bunny likes black and blue colors.

3. Ram Charan-Green

Ram CharanGreen prones to secure,stable and love of nature.Our Bhairava’s favourite color is green.

4.Nani – White

NaniWhite is the essence of innocence,calm,neat and peace.Our Evandoi Nani garu likes white color.

5. Jr.NTR-Blue And Black

Jr.NTRBlue refers cool,passoinate and black is conservative,determined.Our Singamalai’s favourite colors are blue and black.

6. Samantha-Blue and Yellow

SamanthaYellow seeks cheerful,idealistic and blue is reliable,genuine.Our Ramalakshmi like blue and yellow.

7. Anushka Shetty-Black and White

Anushka ShettyWhite reflects purity,simplicity and black creative,elegance.Our Devasena’s favourite colors are black and white.

8. Kajal Agarwal – White, Red, and Blue

Kajal AgarwalRed craves confident,courageous,blue is fascinating, glamour and white is professional,classy.Our Kaju papa likes red,blue and white.

9. Rashmika Mandanna-Black

Rashmika MandannaBlack is all about sophisticated,seriousness and modern.Our Lilly’s favourite color is black.

10. Pooja Hegde-Pink

Pooja HegdePink refers to loving, kind, sensitive and friendly. Our Pooja’s favorite color is pink.

11. Mahesh Babu-Red, Blue, Black and Yellow

Mahesh Babu

12.Vijay Devarakonda – Blue

Vijay Devarakonda

13. Ravi Teja – Red and Blue

Ravi Teja

14.Nagarjuna – White


15. Nikhil Siddharth – Blue and Red

Nikhil Siddharth

16. keerthy Suresh-Black and Pink

keerthy Suresh

17. Raashi Khanna-White

Raashi Khanna

18.Tamannaah Bhatia-Red and Blue

Tamannaah Bhatia

19.Payal Rajput – Orange

Payal Rajput

20. Mehreen Pirzada-Pink and Red

Mehreen Pirzada

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